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Oriental Rug Cleaning Barrington IL

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Oriental Rug Cleaning Barrington IL

Oriental Rug Cleaning Barrington IL

Oriental-style rugs and carpets aren’t just pleasant to look at, they also carry a lot of meaning for many people who own them. Providing they’re well maintained, they can typically last without any problems and look good for many years. But to get the most longevity out your rugs, it is helpful to know when you should bring them to Hayward Rug Cleaners for a professional cleaning so that it retains its classic look and unique characteristics.

Don’t hesitate to contact us and schedule our services if your Oriental rugs show:

Visible Spots and Stains
From having food particles become stains to the whole rug affected by liquid spills, they are sure signs it needs some professional care.

Dull, Fading Colors
if your rug is losing its once-vibrant colors through lots of foot traffic, UV exposure or simply because it you’ve had it for many years, our effective cleaning products and techniques will restore it once again.

Unpleasant Odors
If you are detecting foul odors coming out of your Oriental rug, that is an indication it contains dirt, moisture (or pet stains). Let our cleaning solutions remove those pollutants so your rug will smell much better again.

Customers will often have some questions regarding Oriental Rug Cleaning Barrington IL. It’s obvious that woolen and silk rugs are very appealing, and when they are properly maintained, they can endure for generations. Many Oriental rugs, in fact, have been passed down from one generation to the next. Usually, silk and woolen fibers are very durable.

Oriental Rug Cleaning Barrington IL

As experts in the rug cleaning industry, we usually suggest that the most effective strategy for preserving rugs is to vacuum them at consistent intervals. It is also recommended to install a beater bar with soft bristles on the vacuum. While running the vacuum, be sure the bristles are only slightly in contact with the face of the rug. The beater bar serves an important role because it vibrates the fibers to shake the dirt out. After it loosens the dirt, it is easier for the vacuum to extract the particles. Wool is considered to be a type of self-cleaning fiber.

Their cuticles are made in such a way that they force the dirt upwards to the rug’s surface, where they rub against the others. This feature enables for easier cleaning simply through consistent vacuuming.

How Frequently Should You Schedule Oriental Rug Cleaning Barrington IL?

The frequency of professional cleaning for Oriental rugs can vary depending upon how much usage it gets. Generally, rugs should receive a thorough Oriental Rug Cleaning Barrington IL once each year at least. There’s no doubt that the best, most effective cleaning techniques ought to be applied for your rugs so that they will retain their beauty and charming appeal. However, when a rug is positioned in an area that gets a lot of foot traffic, we generally recommended that our customers get an Oriental Rug Cleaning Barrington IL about every 6 months.

As a helpful tip, rub the fibers of your Oriental rug with your fingers for a few seconds. Does dust come out of it? If it does, that is a clear indicator that the rug is overdue for a cleaning. If you see this sign, don’t delay call us for a cleaning.

The accumulation of dirt and dust can diminish the rug’s ability to filter out contaminants and also reduce the effectiveness of future cleanings. If you’re looking for cost-effective Oriental Rug Cleaning Barrington IL, Hayward is a name you can rely on. Call us today at 847-741-2315.

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