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Oriental Rug Cleaning Geneva IL

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Oriental Rug Cleaning Geneva IL

Oriental Rug Cleaning Geneva IL

Similar to carpet, Oriental and area rugs often become an important part of a home, serving as a comfortable floor covering as well as a key part of its overall décor. While homeowners might believe that replacing their area rugs is the only solution when they begin to age, this is not always the case. In fact, Oriental Rug Cleaning Geneva IL and repair can frequently be an option, particularly when the rug is a valued family heirloom.

It’s important to point out that Oriental Rug Cleaning Geneva IL technologies and hot water extraction devices have come a long way in recent years. Even if you are concerned that your rug is not salvageable, the services available at Hayward Rug Cleaners can probably restore your rugs so you can get more use out of them.

If you notice your rugs show any of the most common damages we review on this post we encourage you to call us right away for cleaning that will effectively remove odors and stains.

Extensive Fading and Wear
The best way of keeping a rug looking fresh is through regularly scheduled professional Oriental Rug Cleaning Geneva IL, which gives our staff a chance to identify any areas that need repair before damages becomes too significant. Don’t wait until your rug begins to deteriorate. Schedule service at Hayward Rug Cleaning today!

Fraying and Unravelling
Area and Oriental rugs are made to be walked on. After all that’s why they are commonly placed in foyers and by front doors. Over time, though, the pile of the rugs can begin to wear down. This in turn causes fraying, shedding and even unraveling. Fortunately, when a rug receives proper care and regular cleanings, damage can be minimized.

Oriental Rug Cleaning Geneva IL

Heavy Stains
Staining on Oriental rugs is very hard to prevent when you have kids, pets, or simply have a busy household that gets regular visitors coming and going. Most stains may be removed with a professional Oriental Rug Cleaning Geneva IL. Some of the more difficult stains, however, may require additional attention or even repair. For those stains that standard cleaning doesn’t eliminate, rug repair techniques such as dyeing the stain so it matches the rug fiber’s existing color, shearing the topmost layer of the fibers off, or cutting away the stain and re-weaving the affected area are all possible solutions.

Whether you have recent stains from pets or wine stains that have been there since the holidays, the team at Hayward Rug Cleaners can make your Oriental rugs look much better. Schedule your Oriental Rug Cleaning Geneva IL today!

Lingering Odors
Odors resulting from liquid spills, tracked in dirt, cigarette smoke, pet urine and dander can frequently be worked out of the rug fibers. Regular deep Oriental Rug Cleaning Geneva IL will remove odors on rugs easily, yet in some cases, such as with tufted rugs, odors can penetrate down to the backing. To resolve that, it is sometimes possible to remove the adhesive and backing and replace it. This extends the life of the rug. Our professional staff can inspect your rugs and recommend the best way to restore them.

Don’t let unpleasant odors ruin your Oriental and areas rugs! Call Hayward Rug Cleaners and let our services bring your favorite floor coverings back to good condition! At our full-service facility, our entire staff has many years of expertise in all aspects of Oriental rug and carpet cleaning. You can count on the Hayward name to ensure your floor coverings look their very best and remain in good condition for many years to come.

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