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Oriental Rug Cleaning Saint Charles IL

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Oriental Rug Cleaning Saint Charles IL

Oriental Rug Cleaning Saint Charles IL

Oriental rugs can make for a lovely addition to your residence that can instantly enhance its general aesthetic. They are colorful and complex works of art which can add a feeling warmth and tradition to most any indoor living space. But, just like most any other household furnishings, Oriental rugs also can experience wear over time and fading colors.

If you notice any of these following indicators, be sure to stop in at our area store for Oriental Rug Cleaning Saint Charles IL:

Edges are Fraying or Unraveling
One of the common signs your Oriental rug is ready for a cleaning or possibly repair is when it starts fraying. Over time, vacuuming, pets and foot traffic can cause the rug’s edges to wear down and become prone to fraying. When too much time passes between Oriental Rug Cleaning Saint Charles IL, this damage can continue spreading further through the rug, resulting to more significant problems.

Thinning Sections and Worn Pile
Lots of foot traffic or heavy furniture can eventually cause the pile of your rug to wear down and leave thin areas. Those worn-out spots will tend make the Oriental rug appear uneven and not as vibrant. When you see areas where the height of the pile is noticeably reduced, it’s time to bring the rug to our location for service.

Tears or Holes in the Rug
Accidents will happen, especially in a busy household with kids and pets. Your favorite Oriental rug might sustain small tears or holes from various causes, such as moving large furniture, sharp objects or your pet’s claws. Small holes can rapidly get worse, so it’s important to address them as soon as you can.

Discoloration and Staining
Despite your most diligent efforts, stains and accidental spills can occur from time to time on your Oriental rug. If not promptly treated these stains can become more stubborn and result in discoloration that is very difficult to remove. Professional Oriental Rug Cleaning Saint Charles IL services can help to eliminate stains safely.

Oriental Rug Cleaning Saint Charles IL

Colors Fading
Exposure to sun and chemical products over time can steadily cause the bright colors of your Oriental rug to start fading. As a result, faded colors can really diminish the visual appeal of the rug, but, fortunately, cleaning and proper upkeep can help bring back your rug’s colorful vibrancy.

Unpleasant Smells and Mold Growth
If you detect a persistent, unpleasant musty smell coming out of your Oriental rugs, that is a potential sign that mold or perhaps mildew is forming in it. Exposure to water or insufficient drying can provide an environment for mold infestation. This can not only cause damage to the rug, it also presents a health risk. Seeking Oriental Rug Cleaning Saint Charles IL services is essential for eliminating odors, thorough removal of mold, and restoring freshness.

Rough Texture
Over time and due to the accumulation of dust and dirt in the fibers of your Oriental rug, its texture can start to feel coarse. If your rug doesn’t feel plush under your feet any longer, it might be because dirt particles and grime are weighing the fibers down. Removal of that ground-in debris will restore the soft and texture of your favorite rug.

If you are noticing any of these warning signs, depend on our expert Oriental Rug Cleaning Saint Charles IL services to help restore the integrity and visual appeal of your rugs. At Hayward Rug Cleaning, our teams have many years of valuable experience in the restoring Oriental rugs, carpets, upholstery and more!

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