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Oriental Rug Cleaning

Oriental rugs cannot be cleaned and cared for like the other rugs or floor coverings in your home or office.
Oriental Rug Cleaning

A fine, quality oriental rug can be quite costly. We offer Oriental Rug Cleaning at Affordable Prices

They are manufactured from natural, delicate fibers, dyes and specific foundation materials that should not be cleaned the same way as a synthetic rug, for instance. Regular cleaning and maintenance is necessary to be sure your rugs will look beautiful for many years.

Manually washing oriental rugs is often the preferred method. The efficiency and extra attention provided by hand washing oriental rugs delivers cleaner, very effective results. Natural fibers in the rugs have the ability to retain dirt particles, however, washing by hand enables our cleaning specialists to provide the necessary, detailed attention necessary to get them thoroughly clean.

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Have You Been Sneezing and Coughing a Lot Lately? Your Oriental Rug May Be the Culprit and Due for Professional Cleaning

Rugs can be an attraction to dust, pet dander and pollen that can stuff up your sinuses and nose. While it’s more difficult to determine in the spring season when pollen is more prevalent anyway, if winter rolls around and you are still struggling with those symptoms, consider getting your oriental rugs cleaned. Thankfully a thorough rug cleaning by the staff at Hayward will have your rugs back to excellent condition so you’ll breath easier!

Removes Stains
With a busy schedule and active household, it’s understandable that you might overlook the need to clean your oriental rugs. But after some point when stains are accumulating, it’s time to take some action. If you’re concerned that the stains have been on your rugs for too long, don’t worry! Our cleaning services specialists have seen it all. We will do a thorough cleaning that removes those unsightly stains.