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Oriental Rug Cleaning Batavia IL

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Oriental Rug Cleaning Batavia IL

Oriental Rug Cleaning Batavia IL

Has it been a long time since you gave your rugs some professional care with Oriental Rug Cleaning Batavia IL? One of the key features of Oriental rugs is their ability to conceal grime, dirt and dust. The colors and patterns can mask those particles for quite some time. Yet just because you can’t see the dirt doesn’t mean it isn’t still there. An accumulation of dirt can get deep into the rug’s fibers and cause damage that shortens its lifespan and diminishes its appeal.

Other factors like moisture, insects, and UV exposure can also pose problems for the longevity of your Oriental rugs. Vacuuming can help to remove some of dirt. However, to really maintain your fine rugs in their optimal condition, a yearly professional deep cleaning is recommended.

If you’re trying to determine if your rugs are past due for some TLC by the area experts at Hayward Rug Cleaning, watch for signs like:

Foul Odors
A puppy that is still not house trained or coffee spills can lead to a recurring and unpleasant smell coming from your rugs. Even after a cleaning and vacuuming, those odors can get worse if the fibers do not properly dry. In that case, mildew could be what’s causing that odor.

You Have Kids and Pets
Area rugs have a way of attracting dirt particles and dust and, as a consequence, potentially unhealthy bacteria. Young children and pets are more likely to play or lie on the floor, which means they are more likely to be in direct contact with the bacteria. We suggest as a reminder that you ask visitors to remove their shoes
If you there are children and pets in your home, increase the frequency of your Oriental Rug Cleaning Batavia IL to every fall and spring season to keep your indoor spaces healthy and looking good!

Oriental Rug Cleaning Batavia IL

Tough Stains
In some cases, spot cleaning is not sufficient when it comes to removing stains. It’s understandable to put off cleaning if there’s only one or two small stains on your rug. But if there are several stains or some that just keep returning despite your best spot cleaning efforts, don’t wait any longer! Professional Oriental Rug Cleaning Batavia IL can remove those stubborn discolorations from pet, coffee or wine stains to ink spills.

Your Rug Looks Worn
Wear is pretty hard to avoid, especially if the rug is in an area that sees a lot of heavy foot traffic. Also, placing furniture on top of the rug can cause wear as well as conceal dust and dirt. Though a rug pad is helpful for increasing the lifespan of your rug by limiting friction and protecting the pile, as time passes the pile of the rug stills become flatter. A thorough Oriental Rug Cleaning Batavia IL can improve the pile, making it fluffier, softer and more vibrant. But if you’re seeing holes or sections of the rug that look threadbare, there could be a more pressing issue.

Clothes moths are another concern to watch for. They don’t just like your wools and cashmere items – they also like the fibers of Oriental rugs! Noticing small tunnels or holes in your rugs? They could be a sign of clothes moths. Don’t worry! Our Oriental Rug Cleaning Batavia IL techniques can resolve this problem.

If you found that any of the above “symptoms” apply to your rug, Hayward Rug Cleaners is here to assist you. Our proven cleaning techniques and quality cleaning products will keep your rugs looking good and lasting longer. Contact us for your next cleaning!


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