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Carpet Cleaning Geneva IL

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Carpet Cleaning Geneva IL

Carpet Cleaning Geneva IL

When it comes to keeping a healthy and clean indoor environment in your home, your carpets and area rugs definitely play a critical role. Carpets can, over time, accumulate allergens, dust, stains and dirt that regular vacuuming and do-it-yourself cleaning may not be able to handle. But is a homeowner to know when they should call Hayward Rug Cleaners for Carpet Cleaning Geneva IL services? Read on so for the signs you should contact us:

Stubborn, Unsightly Stains

If your carpets are looking unsightly because of stains that just won’t go away in spite your cleaning attempts, call the team at Hayward. Our professional carpet cleaning techs use specialized solutions and equipment to eliminate even the most difficult stains.

Persistent Bad Odors
Foul odors from within your carpet, like pet odors or the smell of mildew, may indicate that bacteria and allergens are trapped in the fibers.

Allergy Symptoms Getting Worse
If family members are experiencing more allergy symptoms such as sneezing, itchy eyes and coughing when indoors, it’s a good warning sign that allergens are trapped in your carpet’s fibers.

Worn Out, Matted Areas
Areas of your carpet that see lots of foot traffic are going to become matted over time. Our expert Carpet Cleaning Geneva IL can rejuvenate those areas and help your carpet last longer.

Moisture Damage
If your carpets are exposed to excess moisture, whether it is from a leak, flooding or spills, Hayward Rug Cleaners can prevent the risk of mold growth and bring back your carpet’s quality.

Regular Care
Carpet Cleaning Geneva IL every six months or at least once annually is recommended to prolong the lifespan of your carpets by removal of dirt and grime that causes wear. If your carpet is looking dirty lately, it’s a sign that it requires a thorough deep clean. Even if it appears clean on its surface, there can still be a lot of dirt hiding down deep in the fibers.

Respiratory or Asthma Issues
When carpets trap in allergens and other irritants, it exacerbates respiratory ailments. Professional cleaning by our technicians can address this problem and improve your indoor air quality.

Carpet Cleaning Geneva IL

Texture Changes
If your carpet starts to feel coarse in certain sections, it may be because of accumulating dirt and dander. Cleaning will restore its texture so the carpet feels soft and plush again.

When you observe these signs, your next move should be to call us and schedule
Carpet Cleaning Geneva IL. We possess the expertise, specialized gear and training to revitalize and refresh your carpets to make your living spaces healthier, cleaner and more comfortable.

Naturally, our customers ask about how often they should book our services. As we mentioned above, a yearly cleaning at minimum is what we usually suggest.
But the frequency of cleaning can certainly vary according to the specifics of your household. A basic guideline for cleaning is:

Every Twelve to Eighteen Months
For areas of your carpet that don’t get a lot of foot traffic or for homes that do not have pets or issues with allergies, a deep cleaning on this schedule may be sufficient.

Every Six Months to One Year
If your household experiences moderate foot traffic or you do have pets, we suggest a Carpet Cleaning Geneva IL at least once yearly to keep dirt and allergens in check.

Every Three to Six Months
If your home sees a high volume of foot traffic, you have multiple pets, young children or anyone in your home has allergies, your carpets will benefit from more frequent cleaning.

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