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Carpet Cleaning St. Charles IL

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Carpet Cleaning St. Charles IL

Carpet Cleaning St. Charles IL

Most residences have carpet in at least one or two rooms. Whether it’s only a narrow strip or wall-to-wall, you’re likely to find carpet in most Fox Valley homes. However, many homeowners may not be aware of the signs they need to get professional Carpet Cleaning St. Charles IL. Be sure to call 847-741-2315 if you notice:

Visible Dirty Areas on Your Carpet
This is one of more obvious signs that it’s time for you hire our carpet and Oriental rug cleaning team. When regular vacuuming is no longer doing an adequate job, it’s time to contact Hayward Rug Cleaners, a reliable area carpet, rug and wood floor cleaning company. When you choose a cleaning service like ours, we arrive equipped with all the supplies and professional-grade equipment that will tackle grime and dirt far more effectively.

It’s Been More Than a Year
Carpet fibers contain and hold allergens like dust, pollen, bacteria and pet dander.
That’s why we generally advise our customers to have their carpets cleaned at least once yearly. If you can’t remember the last time your carpet had professional treatment, it’s best to contact us right away.

You’re Developing Allergies

Carpets, we mention, trap in dust and airborne allergens. When you walk on your carpet, it releases those allergens into the air you breathe. They will then settle back into the carpet fibers once again. It is a cycle that leads to more contaminants in your indoor air. Inevitably, this can aggravate allergies if you have any pre-existing conditions. Furthermore, it can cause you or folks in your household to develop additional allergy-like symptoms. Our professional carpet cleaning techniques will immediately improve your breathing environment.

If your carpet just doesn’t look good, regardless of frequent vacuuming and attempts to clean stains, it’s a sure sign you’ll want to schedule professional service.

Carpet Cleaning St. Charles IL

Your Home Gets Lots of Foot Traffic

When people go from outside to inside, it is inevitable that they will track in dirt, dust and bacteria into the house. Over time this leads to a build-up of germs and allergens that circulate throughout your living spaces. Homeowners who see this happening are definitely encouraged to call us for Carpet Cleaning St. Charles IL to get those messes under control.

When you choose Hayward Rug Cleaners, you’ll be able to once again enjoy carpets that appear brand new. Another key benefit is that your home’s indoor air will be cleaner and healthier. Get in touch with us today and learn more about how we can help breathe some new life back into your carpet!

A Proven Carpet Cleaning St. Charles IL Process

Our cleaning procedures start with a thorough inspection. As soon as our technicians arrive at your residence, they’ll check out all the areas that you want cleaned in order to determine the carpet type and the cause of any stains. Also, we’ll note any other areas that will require treatment like frayed areas or tack strips that are getting loose. Next, the technicians will review with you the Carpet Cleaning St. Charles IL process and the most effective ways of removal spots.

Technicians will typically vacuum the carpets with a quality, commercial-grade machine. This is an important step for the removal of loose dirt that could be hidden within the carpet fibers. All your carpets will be pre-sprayed to dislodge embedded dirt, too. Stains are treated with a specialized solution that removes that specific stain type, such as wine, coffee, pet urine etc.

Don’t let dingy looking carpets affect the presentation of your home – call Hayward Rug Cleaning today for Carpet Cleaning St. Charles IL!

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